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What Services Should A Good San Diego Web Site Design Provider Have Available. Find Out Here.

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San Diego Web Site Design Services (continued)

A good web designer's services should include:

Web site remediation

This is how World Wide Wrescue got its name! Let's face it, when the Web exploded a few years ago, everyone thought that they would set up as a Web designer. Clients were finding that the Web sites that they had were riddled with broken links, non functioning JavaScript, long download times, inferior graphics, distracting animations, missing copy, poor design or design inconsistency, unwieldy navigation, browser / platform incompatibilities, spelling errors, poor grammar and overly long sentences, just like this one!

But that sentence does show you how many problems there can be. Now, your web designer will have to "wrescue" many of those sites.

Web site remediation can be completed within 2--7 business days, depending on how bad the original problems are.*

E-commerce and Secured Shopping Carts

If you want use your site to sell products or services then you will need E-commerce capability that will allow your customers to purchase from you easily. Your web designer can even set up your site so that you can make changes and additions yourself with an easy-to-use administration panel. You can sign in and upload pictures, create categories, add products, stock keeping units, change pricing, shipping, tax, etc. Our clients love this feature because it saves them time and money, providing a solution that is cost effective for them to maintain. The system also provides them with inventory control. It can work in conjunction with your existing system, or even replace it.

You will be able to start taking online orders within a few days. From hosting of your shopping cart to merchant accounts, Your web designer ensure that you have the complete solution.

A shopping cart of up to 20 products in conjunction with your informational Web site can be completed within 10-15 business days.*


No one should be left out of taking advantage of the Internet. Your web designer maximizes the accessibility of the sites to people with disabilities. All at no additional charge.

Streaming audio or video

As the Web becomes more sophisticated and bandwidth becomes more available, users are demanding more multimedia capabilities. Your web designer can implement audio and video support on your site, so that you can deliver content in more than just text.

*Note:Completion times are estimates based on client provision of all necessary materials for the completion of the project. Small changes will be allowed once initial work has been completed, such as minor copy adjustments. Additional charges will be added for any major additions/changes to the site once any requested work has been completed. The client has responsibility to ensure content is delivered in the exact and final order. Note that spell checking cannot detect all errors, so the client needs to proofread all content before submission.

Website Design Services (continued)

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